today was my first day of school.
i didn't really have any expectations for this day, but I was pretty darn nervous.
Today had a few surprises, one of them being the number of kids!
I had no idea! the school was packed!!
I had classes with 40+ people. Crazy right?
Another surprise was the people I had classes with, not really going to say who.
I'm glad I had classes with my friends because of course, no one likes to be loner (well some do).
I seen a lot of new freshman faces. It seems now that most of the school is 9th graders.
I kinda felt like one myself though.

My Classes:

0 AP US History
1 English Honors
2 Chemistry
3 Latin 3
4 AP Psychology
5 Pre-Calculus

I'm pretty happy with my classes. At first I hated the idea of having AP Psych but the teacher's cool soo... i think it well be cool. I'm looking to get a 6th period elective though, because I hate only going up to 5th period.
Pre-Cal diagnostics test tomorrow. I'm kinda nervous about that.

School starts for me Sept. 10, that's two days away.
I'm not prepared at all. I haven't even gotten my clothes yet! Hopefully they'll be delivered tomorrow. If they're not, I'm pretty much screwed. UGh..and I still haven't finished all of my summer work. I waited to the very last minute to try to memorize this history stuff, hopefully I learn it before the test, which I'm pretty sure it's going to be the first day.
I also had some other mishaps. For example: not winning a locker in the first lottery, thank God my sis' friend is going to let me share with her. To top off all this stuff I might have AP Psych, which i def do not want because I didn't even do the summer work for it. I'm currently trying to get out of this class and I pray that my efforts work. Oh, and I forgot to mention how terrible my yearbook/school id photo turned out! It was so horrid!! I was all sweaty and stuff!!Hopefully the rest of the year is better than this shaky beginning.
I really don't know what to expect from junior year. I can't wait to see what awaits me :), but then again :| ...

A new iPod is allegedly suppose to be released tomorrow.
I'm pretty excited to see what it is.
I've heard some pretty cool stuff about them, like the nanos and itouches are going to get cameras.
I also heard that this new thing called the iPod Widescreen is supposed to be coming out.
I hope it's true.
They look like the coolest thing EVER!!!
I want it so badly!!!
The whole thing is touch screen.

this morning i woke up and thought, "i want to make a soup."
we had just bought a bunch of veggies yesterday so i had a lot to work with.
i made a broccoli, cabbage, and shiitake mushroom soup. :)
it came out pretty good. it has like a nice spicy flavor and everything.
i should of cut up the mushrooms though.
i was kinda scared during the whole process.
i was afraid it was going to come out tasting like water, but it didn't. Yay!
it too forever though and for a second, i thought the pot i used was too small.

i am currently making scones. i was just watching t.v., then all of a sudden scones just popped into my head.
i think i did it wrong though; but, i think it will taste good.
i used a recipe for lain ones; then, i added vanilla and lemon juice, which made it a teensy bit wetter than it should have been.
i also wanted to add some lemon zest but i couldn't find the lil hand shredder.
i tried to get some of with a fork. fail.

i think now people should call me the barefoot contessa. (i do wear shoes. :) )

I just love this commercial. I also like the little song in it. Every time this commercial comes on, i like to sing along with it.

I love this commercial too. It's so entertaining. The little kids are sooo adorable. They remind me of my little cousin.

this commercial is so funny. unfortunately, i could not find a good version of it.

About this blog:

To tell you the truth, this blog is about whatever I want it to be about.
It's just a normal blog.
I just write about whatever I feel I should and of course it's all my personal opinion.
I don't mean any harm, I'm Just expressing myself.